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When Are Bantry Bay Puppies Available?

What to Expect if You Purchase a Bantry Bay Beardie Puppy

Friends of Bantry Bay that Currently Have Puppies Available

Breeding Philosophy

Bantry Bay strives to produce a well-balanced dog. Too many breeders emphasize a certain characteristic of the breed. Some emphasize producing the "perfect" dog as described by the breed standard. Some try to produce an obedience champion or agility champion. All of these are commendable objectives, but to base your breeding program on a narrow focus rather than a broad one risks producing offspring that are not "balanced". The following are the characteristics of a well-balanced Beardie.

Temperament - It is our desire that all our Bearded Collies become members of the family. We try to produce puppies that are gentle and never become aggressive towards any member of the family. As a herding dog, a Bearded Collie will have a natural instinct to protect small children.

Intelligence - Many argue that this characteristic should be called "trainability" because dogs really do not have intelligence. As owners of Bearded Collies, we witnessed them figure out how to open doors and drawers, keep kids together in one room, trick other dogs to give up prize possessions, and other problem solving activities, intelligence seems an appropriate title.

Conformation - Every AKC dog has a set of standards for the breeds structure. It is important to breed to that standard and not change the breed with your breeding practices.

Instinct - It is wonderful to watch your Beardie, even when it has never seen livestock, begin to herd. We feel strongly it is important to keep passing this instinct down to future generations. Many of our puppies were tested to determine their instinct for herding and we repeat breedings when strong instincts are demonstrated. Erin, our first Beardie, has earned a ROMI title because eight of her puppies have successfully obtained herding instinct certificates.

Agility - The breed was bred to go into the highlands of Scotland and Ireland and bring back stock that has been grazing. This requires going through brush, rocks and other rough terrain. The dogs need to be agile and we want to keep this characteristic in our breeding program.