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The Bantry Bay Clan




Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When a dog dies he goes to Rainbow Bridge. All the dog that are ill and old are restored to health and those who are hurt or maimed are made whole as in their dreams of days gone by. There are meadows where they are happy and content except for one thing. They miss the special someone who they love and left behind. Here they will all play together and wait for you until one day they see you in a distance and suddenly they run from the group, flying over the grass, leaping into your arms kissing your tears as you run your hands across their beloved head and look into their trusting eyes once again. I believe our Beardies may be gone from our lives but never from our hearts, and it gives me comfort that they are there together with your dogs who have passed waiting for the day that we will meet them at Rainbow Bridge and are together forever again. This page is dedicated to the Memory those who have passed and touched our hearts. Please read the touching stories of my dogs who touched my heart and made my life complete. If you would like to honor your dog on our page with a few words or a photo, please contact me at .

Erin’s Poem

Tara’s Story

Guinness’ Story written by his Mommy