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Bantry Bay

Tara's Story




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The Bantry Bay Clan

Debbie Keegan
My husband, Kevin, and I are the owners of Bantry Bay Beardies and have been breeding Beardies for almost 20 years. Breeding Beardies is not my sole occupation (I work for Westinghouse). I breed, raise, show, train, herd and participate in many other fun activities with my Beardies in my "spare time". I am a member of:

  • Beardie Collie Club of America (BCCA)
  • Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club (WCOTC)
  • Bushy Run Kennel Club (BRKC)
  • Coalition for Safe Children and Dogs (CSCD)

Erin (6/01/1991 7/04/2004)
Female - Black - OFA Certified
She is our first Beardie and has produced 4 litters of consistent show potential puppies. She is a wonderful herder and has earned an HC. Because Eight of her puppies have also earned this title, Erin received an ROMI which is a title for breeding herding dogs. Erin was an exceptional mother and we were blessed to have her to start the tradition and is our foundation of the wonderful Bantry Bay line.  

Tara (2/20/1992 12/03/2008)
Female - Brown - Spayed
Although we purchased Tara as a show dog, she was diagnosed as severely displastic at only 6 months of age. She had a head and neck femoral removals on both of her hips by Dr. Beebee, a specialist in Pittsburgh. Tara is a therapy dog (CGC certified) for people (she won the 1996 Westinghouse Community Service Award) as well as for other displastic dogs of all breeds (click here for Tara's story that was published in the BCCA bulletin). Because of our experience with Tara, we have compiled a large collection of information on displasia. Contact us and we will be happy to pass on what we have learned.

Finnigan (10/28/1993)
Female - Brown - OFA Certified
Finnigan was a puppy we kept from Erin's first litter. Finnigan completed her championship (CH) in 1997. She earned her herding certificate (HC) and may even have a stronger herding instinct than her mother. She fell in love with Guinness and had her first litter of puppies in September of 1996. She produced four litters and many Champions. She is currently enjoying her retirement.

Guinness (4/12/1995 6/29/2008)
Male - Stay-Black - OFA Certified
Guinness was Bantry Bay's foundation stud dog and quickly accepted the role of "protector" for all the girls. Guinness has his herding certificate (HC). Guinness has produced 10 litters of exceptional champion puppies. Not only was he an exceptional show dog, he did therapy dog work, herding, obedience and was the original Bearded Collie representative at the Highland Games and is in the AKC Stud Dog Book. His outstanding personality and abundance of kisses kept made him a favorite at Bantry Bay of all who met him.  Read his tribute on the Memorial page

Vegas (08/16/1999)
Female Stay-Black - OFA Certified
Vegas has exceeded our expectations during her show career. Along with her sister, Troy, she won 1st place at the National Beardie specialty in Brace class. She has place in every show she has entered, has 5 best of breeds and a herding group placement! She is our shining star and is following in the footsteps of her mother, Finnigan. Vegas produced exceptional litters and is a great mother. Although retired she is a role model and helps raise all the new Bantry Bay puppies.

Morgan (11/17/2006)
Female Black OFA Certified
Morgan is the daughter of Vegas. She is currently pursuing her show career. She has an exceptionally sweet personality and wonderful structure. We plan on breeding her in the fall of 2009. She should produce a litter of puppies with very soft personalities that would be wonderful with children.

Chloe (1/15/2003)
Female Stay Brown OFA Certified
Chloe a stunning dark brown coat and is pursuing her show career along with Morgan. She is Granddaughter of Finnigan. Chloe is very intelligent, loving and has an outgoing personality. We plan on breeding her spring 2008. This litter should be outstanding and beautiful.

Dugan (10-21-2008)
Male Black
Dugan will be our new Stud Dog when he is older. He is a carbon copy of our Guinness. We plan on showing him this summer. He has outstanding structure, outgoing personality, loving disposition and is a bit of a clown. He loves life! And I am sure that his antics will be talk of all the dogs shows. He is Guinness reborn. We are proud of the fact he is the great grand son of our foundation Beardie, Erin.